Physician access allows Vanguard's participating physicians to access a single web site and digitally sign all their orders, from the plan of care established during the certification and re certification of episodes, to face-to-face physician encounter documentation, as well as billable care plan oversight services.

Physician access allows the physician's billing staff to automatically file home health related insurance claims for certification and care plan oversight (CPO), generating thousands of dollars in revenue while also shaving hours off agency staff time.

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Care Plan Oversight (CPO) services are billable activities provided by the physician who has signed the plan of care, including:

  • Review of charts, reports, and treatment plans
  • Communication with other healthcare professionals regarding care of the patient (via phone calls or other verbal communication
  • Review of patient status reports
  • Modifications to plan of care

Physician access provides Vanguard's participating physicians with a simplified method of documenting CPO activities. It also alerts the physician when a claim for CPO reimbursement can be filed, taking the guess work out of the time consuming and complicated process.

Call our office 855-438-2431 or email us at info@vanguardhealth.Net to receive more information on CPO requirements.

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